ScanDrive Rollen

Scandrive Stahlrollen

Scandrive steel rollers use a technology that allows the roller to withstand a much greater load over a longer period of time.

Ellegaard produces all types of rollers and have short delivery times with our own production facilities in Roskilde. Please contact our Sales Department for offers or further information.


  • Wrap up to 3 mm thickness
  • Welded end caps results in a stronger construction
  • Labyrint seals means tighter bearings
  • Roller diameter from Ø38 mm to Ø133 mm
  • Optional disc rings
  • Bespoke lengths on enquiry
    We stock all common types of steel for casings, axles and bearings


Our continuous development work has resulted in that we now are able to deliver ScanDrive® steel rollers with IP69K sealing. Here we have compact and robust rollers, which are able to perform optimally in almost all situations and conditions.

With an IP69K sealing, you achieve the highest possible encapsulation of the motor, and an even greater opportunity to meet the high demands placed on hygiene and cleaning, especially in the food industry. ScanDrive® IP69K motors can withstand high pressure cleaning and rinsing, including hot water cleaning, and can run under extreme conditions without dust or liquids entering the motor.

Test method

The test standard for IP69K specifies a nozzle supplied with water with a temperature of 80°C, a pressure of 8 – 10 MPa (80-100 bar), and a water jet of 4-16 litres/min. The nozzle is placed 10-15 cm from the equipment that is to be tested. The nozzle is held in place for 30 seconds in each of the angles 0°, 30°, 60°, and 90°. The equipment must during the testing be placed on a table that rotates with five revolutions per minute.

This is what the standard means:

The letter and number combination defines the encapsulation degree for dust
and liquids:

IP = Ingress Protection
6 = Dust proof
9K =  Suited for high pressure cleaning and rinsing

Hyecon is a term for the highly efficient Ellegaard component developed for the Food Industry, focusing on hygiene and economy. The product portfolio consists of the following components:

  • ScanDrive Drum Motor IP69K certified
  • Scandrive Rollers
  • Undine Belt cleaning technology
  • Quick-Release Belt Tensioner
  • Dropbelt

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IP 69K surpasses the German standard DIN 40050-9 for equipment that can withstand high pressure, high temperatures, and strong water jets.

Scandrive Polymer rollen


Ellegaard ist in der Lage, alle Arten von Rollen zu liefern.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie unsere Verkaufsabteilung für Angebote oder weitere Informationen.

  • Ummantelung aus lebensmittelzugelassenem blauem PVC
  • Endkappen aus lebensmittelzugelassenem POM
  • Dichtes hygienisches Design
  • Eingebaute feste Achsbolzen
  • Lagerträger aus lebensmittelzugelassenem, quietschfreiem Gleitmaterial (UHMWPE)
  • Durchmesser: von Ø50 – Ø133 mm
  • Achsen und Lager werden in allen
  • Stahlsorten geliefert Längen auf Anfrage
  • Zulässige Belastung: bis 200 N
  • Erfüllt die Anforderungen des IP69K-Standards


Hyecon ist eine Bezeichnung für hocheffiziente Ellegaard-Komponenten, die für die Lebensmittelindustrie mit Fokus auf Hygiene und Wirtschaftlichkeit entwickelt wurden. Das Produktportfolio besteht aus folgenden Komponenten:

  • ScanDrive Trommelmotor IP 69K-zertifiziert
  • Scandrive Rollen
  • Undine Bandreinigungstechnologie
  • Quick-Release Bandspanner
  • Dropbelt

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(+45) 8020 8020
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