Ellegaard supply uptime to all industries

For machine builders it can be an advantage to choose Ellegaard as a supplier.
With us you can get conveyor belts, drum motors, and rollers in one place.

It makes your work easier, and you save time. Our products are supported by step-files online, so you quickly and easily can incorporate e.g. a conveyor belt or a motor in your overall machine solution.

We stock high quality components for conveyor solutions as well as competitive service agreements.

Contact us on tlf. +45 8020 8020 for more information.

Products and conveyor solutions

Quality components from our own production in Danmark

Ellegaard is Denmark’s largest supplier of components for conveyors and transport systems.

We supply tailor-made drum motors and custom-made spare parts in PVC/PU or rubber for all types of handling systems and for all types of industry.

We can offer you competitive prices and fast and continuous delivery directly from our factory in Denmark.

We have unparalleled high-tech machines and a nationwide service network located in Denmark.

One-stop-hop to the industry

We are experts in materialflow

Ellegaard is represented in many industries and services virtually all conveyors and components.

Ellegaard is also at the forefront when it comes to technological development, resulting in savings on the production line. It is important to us that it should also be a profitable business with a short-term ROI. Find your industry and read more about why Ellegaard is a sound choice for your company.

Our products are supported by step files on the web, so they can be quickly integrated into your overall machine solution

The good stories

Noise kills

More than 10,000 Europeans die every year as a result of noise, and the number is likely to be higher.

Job at Ellegaard

Skilled colleagues wanted

Are you also keen to providing a great service and making it work for customers?

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With us you can get conveyor belts, drum motors, and rollers at the same place.

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