From farm to table – Ellegaard supplies conveyor belt and pipe solutions for all areas of agriculture

At Ellegaard we know that reliable harvesting is a necessity within the agricultural industry, and we therefore only use the best components on the market to ensure operational reliability.

All our products are field tested and have a proven track record of durability. Whether you are a farmer, machine manufacturer or work in the processing industry, we are ready with unique solutions where you across product range can assemble conveyor belts, transport rollers and drum motors

Remember that we also offer and thereby
ensures maximum uptime for your production.

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Solutions and products we offer within the Agriculture industry

Conveyor systems and Conveyor belts

  • At Ellegaard, we have many years of experience in designing and manufacturing components for the Agri industry
  • The assembly of the conveyor belts is made to meet the standards the equipment must have to withstand daily operation
  • To avoid unnecessary downtime, we only use materials of the highest quality, to reduce the risk of breakdowns
  • We have our own manufacturing facility with high frequency welders and can produce almost any belt

Drum motors

  • Ellegaard has developed the ScanDrive drum motor, which can service both the small stand-alone conveyor and the entire conveyor system
  • The ScanDrive drum motor is supplied from Ø 80 mm all the way up to 800 mm, depending on the task
  • The motor can be designed with 100% stainless steel and is also extremely easy to clean
  • With our product facilities at Ellegaard, we have the facilities to build a drum motor to almost any specification
  • If you need round-the-clock service for drum motors, we service both our own ScanDrive, Rulmeca, Interroll, Vand der Graph at our workshop in Viborg

Rollers and Return Rollers

  • Ellegaard manufactures ScanDrive rollers and return rollers – rollers in PVC or steel that is designed for the task.
  • We have established a Fast Fit roll production which ensures that we can deliver small series of a maximum of 50 rolls quickly to the customer in need
  • If you choose Ellegaard, you don’t need any other suppliers in conveyor belts, drum motors and rollers for the food industry

Technical Rubber products

  • Maintenance-free harvest due to special sealing component
  • High-frequency welding of the carriers ensure a long service life
  • The cleats can be designed according to your unique wishes and needs

Pipe and blacksmithing

  • At Ellegaard, we have many years of experience in supplying components to the agricultural industry, and we have many years of experience that ensures that we manufacture solutions that last
  • Pipe systems for transporting liquids can be manufactured stainless steel and black steel

Safety and Working environment

In addition to operational reliability and efficiency, Ellegaard puts emphasis on safety and the working environment in connection with the internal transport systems we supply.
By choosing our system, you therefore achieve

  • Ergonomic solutions that can prevent unnecessary injuries on your employees
  • Automatic start-stop on the belts which improves working environment
    and use less energy
  • Fewer noise nuisances by using noise-reducing rubber

Our products are supported by step files on the web, so they can be quickly integrated into your overall machine solution

Ellegaard skills

Strong competences in the Agricultural sector

Our tailored solutions and many years of experience in agriculture ensure that your company receives the best sparring and advice. We find the most profitable solution in close cooperation with you, giving you value for you and your company.

The agricultural sector benefits from a relatively high degree of automation and thus the requirement for fast and efficient service in the event of breakdowns or accidents, is now even greater. You can trust Ellegaard to deliver.

Our 24·7 service ensures uptime

When you choose Ellegaard as a business partner, the repair work does not need to have a negative effect on your daily operations – we offer a 24·7 service, keeping you covered at all hours guaranteeing you operational reliability at the highest level.

(+45) 8020 8020
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