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Ellegaard extends the service life of the trains’ rubber components

Having to perform on the tracks day in and day out takes a toll on train components. However, the answer to wear and tear does not have to be expensive replacements as in the motto ‘bin it and buy new’.

Ellegaard offers to extend the life of the trains’ rubber-related components by up to five to eight years.

Solutions and products within the Ellegaard Rail industry

Window sealing and grouting

  • Sealants on trains weather and become leaky after a period exposed to the elements, typically after five to seven years. This is why we at Ellegaard offer repair of window and door systems
  • We cut out old sealant, clean and grout windows and doors
  • We change windows on all types of trains
  • We install safety film on windows
  • We come to your train workshop with 1-12 people, who in a shorter or longer periods can replace windows, roof seals and renew seals on windows
  • Repairs paint damage on window frames
  • The trains have to keep rolling – that’s why we have a team that can work weekends and evenings

Rubber repair

  • Repairs contribute to a measurably improved operating economy, which is why Ellegaard offers fast and efficient repairs
  • On-site crew extends life of rubber fronts on IC3 trains
  • We solve repair tasks throughout Europe and Israel
  • We design and produce our own patches that can withstand the harsh environment
  • By repairing, we extend the life of rubber components for up to three to seven years

Repair of snow guard and fiberglass

  • Snow guards are often smashed after encounters with trees, moose or deer, which is why at Ellegaard we offer fast and efficient repair of snow guards
  • We clean, repair and ensure full functionality and deliver directly to your workshops
  • We can install snow guards if required
  • We work with fire-approved rubber types

Gangways: Repair and replacement

  • Gangways get knife damage and wear, which is why Ellegaard offers fast and efficient repair
  • We repair, clean and deliver new gangways
  • We also produce and sell new gangways
  • We offer repair on-site or in a workshop
  • We repair and replace climate transitions with new silicone rubber, new hoses as well new as
    new aluminium components
  • We work with approved silicone- and hose types
  • By repairing, we extend the lifespan by up to five to eight years

Graffiti and polishing of windows

  • We remove graffiti and protect with surface treatment
  • We are certified to treat epoxy
  • We are certified to polish windows and remove scratches, acid damage and graffiti – we can measure and document how much glass we have removed from a given window. We can subsequently mount a scratch film if desired

Hoses and bellows

  • We have a wide selection of approved pressure hoses and fluid hoses
  • Custom hose design
  • We work with fire-approved rubber types
  • Design of bellows and rubber-metal connections as desired

Technical Rubber

Vibration dampening is required wherever resonance is generated, or where the effects of shocks need to be rapidly weakened. Vibration insulation should not be confused with vibration dampening. Efficient vibration insulation can only be achieved with a corresponding frequency adjustment.

Contact us at +45 8020 8020 for further information.

You can also download our catalogue on Technical Rubber on this page.




Vibration conditions: Dampening with rubber differs significantly from e.g. viscous dampening.

In the frequency range 10-200 Hz, the shape of the force/movement diagram (the dampening ellipse) is constant, and independent of the excitation frequency.

The dampening factor is, in connection with rubber, frequency dependent, and moves towards zero with an increasing frequency.

This means that when it comes to very small movements, the dampening effect of the rubber is insignificant, and is unlikely to influence insulation effects.

On the other hand, for viscous dampening, the dampening effect increases with an increasing frequency, which leads to a deterioration of the insulation effect.



Rubber springs are ideal as vibration and noise silencers.
The vulcanised rubber elements have a bond strength between metal and rubber of 130 kp/cm².


Download catalogue here

Our products are supported by step files on the web, so they can be quickly integrated into your overall machine solution

Ellegaard skills

Many years of expertise in the maintenace of trains

With Ellegaard’s strong competences in Rail, we offer, among other things, to..

  • Extend the life of rubber fronts, intermediate crossings and snow skirts for all types of train
  • Carry out sealing work
  • Repair paint damage
  • Remove graffiti
  • Repair damage to fiberglass

Our 24·7 service ensures uptime

When you choose Ellegaard as a business partner, repair and improvement work does not need to interfere with the daily operation of the trains. We offer a 24·7 service keeping the rollings stock on track

Experiences from large companies

Ellegaard has extended the life of train components for e.g. DSB, Arriva, Movia, SJ and Alstom Israel.

(+45) 8020 8020
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