Noise recuction funnels

In the processing industry where the transport of products is resulting in too much noise, noise-reducing funnels can be used to improve the working environment. The funnels are specially made to measure and cut from food-approved PU material and assembled into a finished funnel.

With its smooth surface, the PU funnel has significant hygiene advantages, as it prevents the formation of bacteria and is easy to clean. The funnel effectively reduces noise from impacts and can be easily be implemented in production lines for processing frozen foods.

Real-life applications

We have, among other things, installed the funnel at HKSCAN, which has resulted in a better working environment and contributed to minimise product wastage.

“The lifespan of the soft product has surprised us and we intend to install it in more places in the production.” Tue Albrektsen, HKSCAN


  • Reduces noise up til 20db
  • Improves cleaning efficiency
  • FDA approved Volta materiale: USDA, FDA og 3-A Diary
  • Easy to handle
  • Migration test
  • Does not contain plasticizers or other additives in the form of phthalates
  • Smooth surface results in a more stable transport of the product
  • No product wastage

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