PolyTarp technical textiles

Ellegaard PolyTarp is our range of technical textiles such as chains, straps, welding tape, clear folio and PVC textile.

PVC Products

We offer a large range of PVC cloths and textiles for e.g.


  • Tarpaulins for trucks
  • Biogas fabric
  • Mesh
  • Oil tarpaulin
  • Sun protection fabric
  • Tent and hall fabric
  • Sport- and toy fabric
  • Advertisement- and banner fabric
  • Awning cloth





We offer a wide range of different Keder products with specific dimensions and properties to any requirement and application.

We also produce Keder products made according to your special measurements, dimensions, colors and certifications.

PolyTarp profiles are the result of long market experience and are produced according to the market’s strictest quality requirements. This gives you a product with unmatched durability and strength.

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Webbing / Welding tape

Ellegaard offers a large range of container covers, webbing for trucks and welding tape. Our products come from one of Europe’s leading suppliers of webbing

The manufacturer is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of accessories for the production of side curtains for trucks and container covers.


Manufactured in Germany

Certified by DEKRA & TÜV

Webbing products in 2 versions with a breaking strength of 1300 and 2400 kg in 4 colors



These webbings are suitable for:

  • Side curtains for trucks
  • Signs, banners and scaffolding covers
  • Biogas silos and agricultural sheeting
  • Tensile structures
  • Awnings, tents and large warehouses
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Oil booms


  • High welding speed, minimum 10 til 19 m/min
  • Reduces working time and energy consumption
  • Improved adhesion and less elongation
  • Suitable for both hot air and HF welding
  • Available in both 1300 and 2400 kg breaking strength
  • 4 colors – Black, white, dark gray and light gray
  • 100 m per roll as standard – or larger on request
  • Produced by leading European manufacturer

Extruflex Cristal

We sell a large range of products from Extruflex, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of PVC fabric for e.g. tents, spray hoods for boats, welding curtains and much more.

The PVC products are available both as flame retardant and non-flame retardant and in many different dimensions.

Please contact us for further information and certifications on these products.



Windows for tents

The PolyTarp series also includes prefabricated windows for the tent industry.

We offer a wide range of standard solutions, but you also have the option of having prefabricated tent windows produced in exactly the dimensions you require. Just get hold of us and hear more.




DURAX straps

Our DURAX straps are indispensable accessories for tents, tarpaulins, covers and gates – among many other things.

We offer a wide range of different standard straps with different dimensions and properties to meet any kind of requirement and application. Of course, we also produce to measure, so that all your wishes for function, durability and dimensions are met.

Contact us and hear more.

PVC Cutting machine

If you need your own production of PVC products, we can offer advice on and sales of cutting machines and rewinding machines from leading European manufacturers.

Contact us and hear more.



Contact us for specific technical and color specifications.


Product certifications

Product certifications

Our suppliers and manufacturers have all certifications within quality, fire protection, antistatic, food safety, REACH etc.

This means that the certificates are determined by the EU and by local/regional/national institutes such as ETA, DTU, SINTEF, SP-RISE etc.


Ellegaard’s suppliers and manufacturers offer the market’s best guarantees and are in full compliance with both EU requirements and Scandinavian requirements and standards.

Contact us and hear more.

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