Technical rubber

Technical rubber

Vibration dampening is required wherever resonance is generated, or where the effects of shocks need to be rapidly weakened. Vibration insulation should not be confused with vibration dampening. Efficient vibration insulation can only be achieved with a corresponding frequency adjustment.

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Vibration conditions: Dampening with rubber differs significantly from e.g. viscous dampening.

In the frequency range 10-200 Hz, the shape of the force/movement diagram (the dampening ellipse) is constant, and independent of the excitation frequency.

The dampening factor is, in connection with rubber, frequency dependent, and moves towards zero with an increasing frequency.

This means that when it comes to very small movements, the dampening effect of the rubber is insignificant, and is unlikely to influence insulation effects.

On the other hand, for viscous dampening, the dampening effect increases with an increasing frequency, which leads to a deterioration of the insulation effect.



Rubber springs are ideal as vibration and noise silencers.
The vulcanised rubber elements have a bond strength between metal and rubber of 130 kp/cm².


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Rubber repair

Ellegaard has serviced Danish industry since 1954 and has many years of experience in maintenance and repair of rubber. Through 60 years, we’ve accumulated an impressive knowledge across many industries, and we service transport systems all over the country.

We service, design, and produce bulk transport systems, and with a nationwide service network and a quick response time we can ensure uptime
in the production. We know how to move raw materials from A to B, and our experienced service engineers are therefore also available for advise on maintenance
and repair of the entire conveyor system. Ellegaards high-tech machines and unparralleled nationwide service network, ensures quality as well as quick response times.

Ellegaard services Danish industry with the entire package:

  • Subscription packages for service
  • Maintenance of technology, electrical and automative components
  • Design and manufacture of conveyor systems

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A poorly maintained conveyor belt leads to both expensive repairs and lost earnings when production is not running.

See how much of a difference a service agreement with Ellegaard can make for your company:

A 24·7 agreement with Ellegaard Service contributes to increased productivity and noticeable savings.
We offer individual solutions, specialized knowledge and nationwide 24-hour service that ensures uptime.

At Ellegaard, we know your needs for long-term safe and durable solutions that are also economically viable.

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